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I started my career obtaining degrees in both Law and Business from the University of Warwick. I worked in Finance briefly, but as my father underwent open heart surgery, I returned to help support the family business. I led the corporate services department, which I significantly restructured and successfully expanded over ten years. I also consulted clients on corporate strategy and business restructuring. In this capacity, I helped several customers revamp their businesses with excellent results. During my work, I gained significant experience in the construction sector.

My passion for entrepreneurship and my experience led me to found and direct my own property development company with my wife. We focused our energy on this project for several years and successfully completed our first project in June 2022. In the process, we helped several families relocate to Cyprus through the Cyprus Real Estate Investment Program for permanent residency.

However, my lifelong passion for fitness, health, and nutrition led me to acquire an MSc in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen, which I completed with distinction. My research, conducted during my MSc studies, investigated the effect of the timing of macronutrient consumption and the eating pattern of concentrating carbohydrates to dinner, specifically, on the components of metabolic syndrome, circadian rhythms, and body composition.

I am a member of The Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association and the UK Association for Nutrition. I am also a Performance Nutrition Expert (PNE) and a CISSN-certified sports nutritionist.  

Through various projects and consulting work, I educate, support, and guide motivated individuals to achieve peak performance through cutting-edge strategies.

My main focus at present is on a project that aims to bring the latest evidence-based practices for achieving peak performance optimization to as many people as possible worldwide.